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The New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (Inc) is the largest professional association in this country for health professionals who use hypnosis as their main modality.

The NZAPH was established in 2000 and incorporates two associations: The NZ Hypnotherapists Association (established in 1960) and the NZ Guild of Hypnotherapists (established in 1992).

Its purpose is to promote practicing standards and professionalism for hypnotherapists, and to increase the New Zealand public's awareness of the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy. It is also at the forefront of developments in the NZ hypnotherapy profession.

The Association has a written Constitution, a Code of Ethics and disciplinary procedures that guide the professional standards for its members.

Membership is open to anyone interested in, or practicing hypnotherapy. To be eligible to use the association's name or initials in their advertising, however, members must first prove to the Examination Board (by way of a comprehensive examination and interview) that they are suitably qualified, and proficient in the use of hypnotherapeutic techniques, and in working with clients.

Ongoing Training

The NZAPH provides regular Ongoing Training programmes in Auckland and Taupo, where emphasis is placed on increasing member's therapeutic competence, and sharing of ideas and experience. Practicing members are required to continue their education, and to improve their competency level by meeting the association's annual on-going training requirements.


Recordings of training meetings for members unable to attend.



The members of the NZAPH receive a regular newsletter to keep them up to date with the Association's activities, the hypnotherapy profession within New Zealand and internationally, and items of interest.


by Professional and Honorary Life members. For hypnotherapy students and less experienced members.

How can I join the NZAPH?

To apply for membership at either of the two entry levels you can request a Membership Information Pack be sent to you.


  • Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    The pack will include details of our membership services, fees, upgrade requirements, a copy of our Constitution & Code of Ethics, and enrolment form.

    With your application you must supply two written references and a recent photograph of yourself. Your application will be presented at the next Management Committee meeting. You will then be advised of the outcome.

Entry levels:

  1. Non-practicing membership - for people who have an interest in hypnosis but do not practice, nor intend to practice hypnotherapy.
  2. Provisional membership - for people who are currently practicing, or intend to practice hypnotherapy. The maximum time allowed to remain at this level is three years.

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To upgrade membership level, and to be eligible to advertise NZAPH membership, members must successfully complete the comprehensive examination.


The examination includes a detailed set of questions, essays, and case studies. These cover many aspects of hypnosis to advanced levels, including various hypnotherapeutic techniques, hypno-analysis, regression, counselling techniques, human behaviour and sexuality, hypno-psychology, abnormal psychology, grief and depression, stress, first aid, and an overview of selected psychotherapies. The final step is an interview with the Examination Board.

The member can then apply for upgrade to:

  • Associate membership - for members wanting to continue their learning and advance to professional level. Maximum time allowed at this level is three years.
  • A member can then apply to upgrade to:
  • Professional membership - members must have completed a minimum of 150 hours of professional practice to upgrade to this level.
  • Honorary Membership - for any person who has delivered excellent service to the NZAPH, or to the profession of hypnotherapy.
  • Honorary Life Member - A professional member who has delivered excellent service to the NZAPH, or to the profession of hypnotherapy.

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National Standards for Hypnotherapy

Some years ago an Advisory Group drafted the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) National Hypnotherapy Diploma.  The Diploma comprises of Unit Standards which were registered on the NZQA framework in 2000.   Shortly afterwards the NZAPH initiated the re-establishment of the Hypnotherapy Industry Advisory Group (HIAG) to complete a revision and upgrade of the Diploma.

HIAG is made up of representatives from interested "stakeholders" (currently hypnotherapy associations and training establishments) with each organisation having one vote each.  NZAPH member, Dave Gilbert, is Chairman of HIAG and also the official link between HIAG and NZQA.

The revision process commenced in 2000 and HIAG has now completed the upgrade of the Unit Standards making up the Diploma.  NZQA is currently in the process of finalising the registration of the Diploma.  When that is completed we will then have a National Hypnotherapy Qualification that reflects the up to date requirements of the hypnotherapy profession.

In 2003, the hypnotherapy profession set up the NZ Hypnotherapy Registration Board Inc. (NZHRB inc.) so that professional hypnotherapists could be part of a national registration scheme.  This allows the profession to 'self-regulate' by setting minimum standards for registration.  Currently, professional members of four hypnotherapy associations are eligible for registration.  From 2008, the minimum requirement for registration (for anyone not already registered at that time) will be the NZQA Hypnotherapy Diploma.  Further information about NZHRB Inc. can be found at www.nzhrb.co.nz   

The NZAPH is currently involved, with other organisations within the profession, in setting up an independent organisation which will provide assessment services for students and hypnotherapists who want the Hypnotherapy Diploma. Three of our members have qualified NZQA Assessors.  The Association is committed to continuing to improve the professional and ethical standards of hypnotherapy training and practice in New Zealand.


If you have any questions please contact us …

New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (Inc)

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it