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The New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (Inc) is the largest professional association in this country for health professionals who use hypnosis as their main modality.

The NZAPH was established in 2000 and incorporates two associations: The NZ Hypnotherapists Association (established in 1960) and the NZ Guild of Hypnotherapists (established in 1992).

Its purpose is to promote practicing standards and professionalism for hypnotherapists, and to increase the New Zealand public's awareness of the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy. It is also at the forefront of developments in the NZ hypnotherapy profession.

The Association has a written Constitution, a Code of Ethics and disciplinary procedures that guide the professional standards for its members.

Membership is open to persons who have completed professional clinical hypnotherapy training to a recognised standard and are practicing hypnotherapy (or planning to) in New Zealand. To be eligible to use the association's name or initials in their advertising, however, members must first prove to the Examination Board that they are suitably qualified, and proficient in the use of hypnotherapeutic techniques, and in working with clients.  

Ongoing Training - Peer Supervision

The NZAPH provides regular training programmes, work shops and peer supervision, where emphasis is placed on increasing member's therapeutic competence, and sharing of ideas and experience. Practicing members are required to continue their education, and to improve their competency level by meeting the association's annual on-going training requirements.


Books related to Hypnotherapy and recordings of training meetings for members unable to attend workshops.



The members of the NZAPH receive a regular newsletter to keep them up to date with the Association's activities, the hypnotherapy profession within New Zealand and internationally, and items of interest.


by Professional and Honorary Life members. For hypnotherapy students and less experienced members.

How can I join the NZAPH?

There are two levels of Membership Entry: Provisional Membership and Professional Membership as outlined below:

NZAPH Entry levels:

  1. Provisional Membership - for people who have completed their clinical hypnotherapy academic qualification, but have limited practice as a hypnotherapist.    

    Applicants must complete a minimum of a year of practicing and supervision before they apply for professional membership.  The NZAPH can advise of supervision options should you require this.  The maximum time allowed to remain at this level is three years.

  2. Professional Membership - for people who have completed their clinical hypnotherapy academic qualification and have a minimum of 150 clinical practice hours.  Evidence of practice experience and ongoing supervision must be provided to the organisation. The final step is an interview with the Examination Board.

    To apply for membership you can request a Membership Information Pack be sent to you.  The pack will include details of our membership services, fees, upgrade requirements, a copy of our Constitution & Code of Ethics, and enrolment form.   Please stipulate which entry level applies to you.  

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    Alternatively you can download a Membership Application form and related documents by clicking on the following links:

    NZAPH Membership Information    

    NZAPH Constitution  

    NZAPH Code of Ethics

    NZAPH Provisional Membership Application  

    NZAPH Professional Membership Application  

    Please note that the application forms are also available in word format should you prefer this.  
    Please email the Membership Officer to request a copy.

National Standards for Hypnotherapy

The NZAPH is committed to continuing to improve the professional and ethical standards of hypnotherapy training and practice in New Zealand and is actively working with other associations and professional bodies to achieve this.

If you have any questions please contact us …

New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (Inc)

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it